Candidate Information

While the information provided below was crafted in 2020 and relevant for the February 2021 event, it is also applicable for virtual job & internship events

For more information on career counseling, please reference 

Before the Fair

Step 1: Register for the Fair

Step 2: Update & Complete Your Profile 

Set your profile to “community” for complete access to both 1:1 and group sessions
Complete your profile to qualify for 1:1 sessions
  • Go Under Education in “My Profile” to edit the following information:
    • College (your college is the University of Minnesota)
    • Graduation date (called time period in GoldPASS powered by Handshake)
    • Major (select your major)
    • GPA* (employers can filter on cumulative GPA) 
  • Go Under the Name & Photo/Photo Placeholder in “My Profile” to edit School Year
  • Fill out Work Authorization under “Settings & Privacy”

Step 3: Sign Up for Sessions

  • We encourage you to review all the employers in attendance, but you may also filter this list by industry, job type, major, work authorization, and more to target employers that match your interests
  • You’ll be able to sign up for two different types of sessions with employers: Group sessions and 1:1 sessions
    • Group sessions will last 30 minutes with up to 50 students to participate in a presentation/Q&A
    • 1:1 sessions will be between you and one recruiter and will last 10 minutes
  • Need help signing up? Read this article on signing up for sessions

Note: In order to see and qualify for sessions employers have available during the fair, complete step 2.

Step 4: Upload a Resume to Your Profile*

  • Employers will want to see your resume, and the only way for them to access it is through your profile. Make sure your resume is uploaded to your profile!
  • Check out this 1-minute video on how to upload your resume.

*If you aren't necessarily looking for job or internship opportunities, you do not need to complete this step. However, we highly encourage you to sign up for Group Sessions to learn more about organizations, the work they do, and the opportunities they have for when you're ready to look for an internship or job.

Step 5: Attend an Event Prep Session

Please register for one of our Virtual Prepare for the Fair Information with Q&A sessions

   - Tuesday, February 16 from 1-2pm (CST)

   - Friday, February 19 from 9-10am (CST)

   - Tuesday, February 23 from 2:30-3:30pm (CST)

   - Wednesday, February 24 from 10-11am (CST)

Step 6: Review Additional Materials and Prepare Talking Points

See how to prepare for your virtual career fair elevator pitch for introducing yourself to employers.

At The Fair

** Need Day-of Support?

1. Start off strong

2. Prepare for follow-up

  • Take notes on your conversations including details on how to follow-up with the employer.
  • Ask for the employer's business card so that you have their contact information.

After the Fair

1. Send a thank you

  • Send tailored thank you emails to the employers you connected with at the fair.
  • Mention any unique points you discussed so the employer will remember you.
  • Reiterate your qualifications and include any information you neglected to mention at the fair.
  • Proofread your email and have someone else look it over.

2. Follow-up and apply online

  • Complete any other follow-up items the employers indicated, including applying for positions online.

International Student Info

We understand that being an international student seeking career experience in the U.S. presents some unique challenges. (As one who will eventually require sponsorship to continue work in the U.S. beyond CPT and OPT.)

To help you respond to those challenges, we have prepared a few resources that are specific to the international student experience at job fairs:

  • Read all of the information in “Prepare for the Fair.” 
  • Read all of the resources outlined here for International Students.
  • Visit your college career center for a resume review, to practice introducing yourself, and to resolve any additional questions about the fair.

For further career information and resources for international students, please visit the Career Services website

International Student Career Fair Preparation Workshops

  • Watch the recording of the International Student Virtual Career Fair Preparation Workshop that happened on Friday, February 5th 2021:
  • For more information, please the "International Careers" Facebook page or email Jane Sitter at [email protected]

ISSS Information

Join the International Student Zoom Room on the day of the fair, Friday, February 26th. From 10am-12:30pm you can connect with Aya, CAPE Coach and ISSS adviser, for support on various topics including CPT and OPT. From 12:30pm-3pm you can connect with Jane, UMN International Career Consultant, for support on various topics including how to research and connect with international student friendly employers. 

*Apart from this time, ISSS is here to support you in understanding your work authorization options, we encourage you to reach out via their contact form:

Career Fair Check List for International Students

  • Begin with an introduction that emphasizes your qualifications. 
  • Showcase the research you have done about the company, and your fit with the company.
  • Ask questions that will get a conversation started, and let the employer learn what you bring beyond being an international student.

Answering common employer questions about sponsorship

"Do you need sponsorship?" or "Do you need work authorization?"

  • "My education visa covers me for internships. I don't need any authorization or sponsorship from an employer."
  • "My education visa covers me for X months during which time I do not need authorization or sponsorship from my employer. After that I would need my employer to file for a work visa, but I expect by that time to have really demonstrated my value and my fit for your company."
  • "I would not require sponsorship or any additional paperwork or expense to work for you as an intern. If, as I hope happens, I do such a great job that you want to keep me on for full time, then I would ultimately need sponsorship."



  • For any accommodation needs please reach out to [email protected] by email.
  • To learn about closed captioning and interpretation services of GoldPASS powered by Handshake please look here