Before the Fair

1. Update your resume and bring copies

  • Connect with your career services office ( to review your resume and find resume writing resources.
  • Make at least 25 copies of your resume and have them ready to bring to the fair. Keep a digital copy of your resume in case you are directed to apply online.  

2. Do your research

  • Find out what organizations will be at the fair on GoldPASS or the Guidebook app.
  • Create a list of organizations you are most interested in speaking with at the fair.
  • Spend time researching the organizations on your list:
  • Use the information you learned from your research to develop questions to ask employers at the fair.
  • Show interest and prepare a few questions to ask the recruiter.
  • Review employers by industry on GoldPASS powered by Handshake.

3. Prepare and practice your introduction

  • Your introduction is often called your "personal commercial" or "elevator speech" and should include your name, major, year in school, your interest in the organization and the kind of positions you are seeking.
  • Practice your introduction out loud before the fair so you are comfortable and confident when you meet employers.

4. Build your confidence

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself and tell your story! Employers at the fair are excited to talk with you and want to know how you are qualified for their positions.
  • Identify your unique interests, strengths, skills, and experiences and get clear on the value you bring to an organization.
  • Review the videos below to study strategies for making a strong first impression:

5. Dress for success

  • Plan ahead and have business formal clothing to wear to the fair - similar to what you'd wear for a formal interview.
    • Suit, tailored dress, blazer with pants or a skirt
    • Accessories, hair, and shoes are conservative
    • Clean and well groomed
  • Need ideas? Check out the Career Fair Success Pinterest board for examples of business formal clothing options.

6. Plan to use your time at the fair wisely

  • The fair will be large, and there may be lines at the booths of some employers. It's best to plan ahead to make sure you know where to find employers that interest you the most.
  • Use this list of employers, and this map of the Job Fair ballroom to plan your time wisely.
  • Floor plan and employer information to come.